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Taian Lianchuang Textile Co., Ltd. is a professional organic natural fiber textile manufacturer in China. Our business covers weaving, dying, and clothing.this year we mainly do hemp,tencel,model,bamboo,RPET and organic cotton fabrics and garments.
We supply 
* raw hemp, hemp fiber, hemp yarn, hemp fabric, hemp garments, and hemp T-shirts. 
our main products 
-Hemp fiber 
Long hemp fiber (7.5-8.5cm) and short hemp fiber (28-35mm) 
-Hemp yarn 
Pure hemp yarn (5Nm-36Nm), hemp/cotton (6s-30s), hemp/wool yarn (1Nm-60Nm), and hemp/silk yarn (12Nm-58Nm) used for knitting, weaving and handicraft 
-Hemp knitting and woven fabric 
Pure hemp fabric, hemp mixed (with natural fiber) fabric, and all kinds of weaving and knitting fabric 
-Hemp garments 
Hemp jeans, hemp pants, hemp shirts, hemp jackets, hemp T-shirts, hemp sweaters, and hemp clothes for women and men 
-Hemp T-shirts 
Pure hemp T-shirts, hemp/cotton T-shirts, hemp/org cotton T-shirts, and hemp/ rayon T-shirts 
-Hemp belts, hemp/cotton towels, and hemp/cotton Turkish towels 
-Hemp socks, hemp caps, hemp bags, and hemp shoes 
-hemp diapers/nappies and inserts

Other products 

-eco cloth diapers

-Hemp/bamboo, hemp/soya, and hemp/organic cotton fabric and clothing 
-bamboo knitting fabric(for baby diaper and adult clothing using) and clothing 
-Bamboo/organic cotton knitting fabric and clothing 
-tencel knitting fabrics and clothes 

Now new products 
-hemp,bamboo and organic diapers/nappies,booster 
-hemp/bamboo fleece 
-bamboo velour diaper 
-hemp stretch knitting fabrics 
-hemp/tencel fabrics 
-coolmax fabrics for baby diaper 
-bamboo charcoal fleece and jersey